• OST to PST File Conversion

    Convert ost to pst file for Mac and Windows Outlook.

  • With OST Extractor Pro

    you can convert OST to PST and other file formats.

    The only tool that works on both Mac and Windows.


    Super easy to use

    It works on both Mac & Windows and very easy to use. The UI is self-guided, no technical expertise required. 


    Safe & secure conversion

    It is very safe to use. It will recover everything from OST without losing bit of data. It does not change your original file.


    100% Accurate conversion

    The tool gives you accurate conversion results. It will never left behind any data. Recovers & convert each & every data correctly.

  • The OST to PST file Conversion Tool

    Get the exemplary OST to PST files conversion tool at an economical price!

    OST Extractor Pro - Convert OST to PST, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF file formats.

    Finding an OST to PST converter tool can be a huge challenge as not all the tools can take up the gruesome job with the desired efficacy. Moreover, every once in a while when a well-integrated tool does come to the market, it is quoted at irrational prices. What is the way out then? The answer surely lies in the tool named OST Extractor Pro which is not only reliable but also extremely professional in giving the desired output. What is more is that it is available to the public at affordable prices!

    Fast Conversion & Support Any Size Of Mailbox

    OST Extractor Pro is a tool that is different from its counterparts in all the aspects. First and foremost, instead of slowing down the process, it substantially speeds up the OST to PST files conversion job. In that, its performance remains unaffected by the size of the database. That is to say, that even a large database can be converted by this tool within a few moments.

    Accuracy of Data Conversion

    Secondly, this tool treats each and every element with delicacy required for absolute conversions. Ranging from special Unicode for non-English languages to technically advanced algorithms for breaking down graphic content, this tool has it all. The advanced technology is rather useful in OST to PST files conversions in entirety.

    Simple & Easy to Use

    Next, with this tool being put to work, one does not require to dedicate hours to it. The process is automated to a great extent which helps in cutting down the user’s job. Further, a simple and vivid interface supports the users further.

    Safe, Secure & No Data Loss

    Lastly, this tool is completely safe to use. It can keep the files safe from all the threats such as data modification, data corruption, and the like.

    Some more prominent features of this tool that make it unique for OST to PST files conversion are:

    • Quick upload of the files
    • Supports OST files from sources such as ANSI OST, Outlook 97 to 2019, etc.
    • Supports bulk conversions
    • Converts everything like nested messages, timestamps, attachments, etc.
    • Builds separate .vcf and .ics files for contacts and calendars, respectively
    • Converts OST files to multiple outputs like PST, MBOX, Apple mail, and many more
    • Ease in using the converted PST files
    • Supports the user via a network of dedicated customer care executives

    A tool with so many characteristics is worth trying at such an exceptional pricing structure.

    Did you know about OST Extractor Pro’s creator?

    OST Extractor Pro might sound like a new name but its creator is no ordinary name. USL software, the leading software solution provider brand has created this marvel too. Many delicate features have been integrated into it keeping in mind the comfort and expectations of the larger sect of the users.

    The backing of such a reliable name makes it all the more worthwhile. Trying it for OST to PST files conversion can only be a blessing one had been waiting for!

  • ost to pst file conversion

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