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Convert Mac Mail to Office 365 with Retain all the Details, Meta-data and Data Structure!

How to retain all the details, meta-data and data structures while converting Mac Mail to Office 365? The answer is 'Mail Extractor Pro'.

Wereceive lots of emails from our readers basically asking the same thing. “How to ensure safety of data and protect the integrity while converting Mac Mail to Office 365?”

Thomas Smith asked us this last week:

“Iam moving to Office 365, as my company is providing me subscription for Office 365. After years of using Apple Mail, I have plenty of data stored locally that I now need to migrate to Outlook in Mac. After going through several reviews of software and even manual methods, I am hesitant in trying any of them out. Most of the reports mention partial conversion, with errors and loss of data integrity. Some tools even go as far as to damage the original database. Safety of my emails that contain some very precious information is very important to me. If I must transfer the data to Office 365 from Mac Mail, I need to be absolutely sure that whatever mode of data transfer I go with, deliver me 100% conversion and is able to retain all the details from the files.”

Thomasisn’t alone in feeling the anxiety during converting Mac Mail to Office 365. We all feel the same way in any sort of migration where important data files are involved.

Convert Mac Mail to Office 365 (MS Outlook for Mac and Windows)

First,let us clarify what are the details and other important elements of an email database that a migration tool must convert with accuracy. There is of course the main part of emails: sender, receiver, and the body/text of email. But there is also a lot more. Email headers also contain information like To, From, Cc, Bcc, subject, and other meta-data. There are also graphics/images inside the bodies of email messages. And then there are attachments, some can be very large and can be of unknown format. There are mailbox folders in a particular arrangement, which vary user to user.

This is what the “details” in email database mean. And you are probably worried about the same.

Along with this issue of incomplete conversion thatalso damages data integrity, there are many ther setbacks and flaws of ordinary conversion tools and methods. Even experts with some experience sometimes feel intimidating when they have the job converting Mac Mail to Office 365 Outlook.

But there is nothing to fear. Because we haven anultimate solution that you have been looking for, the only way to convert your emails files with safety and with complete assurance that the integrity of your files is always secure.

The tool you need

convert mac mail to office 365

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro” and it is a near perfectsolution for converting Mac Mail to Office 365 without worrying losing the details, metadata, and any other item. It is optimized with precision to scan, process, and convert your emails from Mac Mail while maintaining the metadata and structure of the entire database.

The tool is specially designed for Apple Mail, Postbox, Thunderbird, EML and MBOX to PST conversion. It works on Mac.

mac mail to office 365

Get your trial copy for converting Mac Mail to Office 365

The Mac Mail to PST converter tool work on Mac and the Output PST is aformat that works on both Mac and Windows Outlook version. The PST file from “Mail Extractor Pro” is compatible with even older versions of Outlook, all the way from 2003 to Office 365.

converting mac mail to office 365

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